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Dovekie & Finch

Dovekie & Finch - Doodle Dog Planter

Dovekie & Finch - Doodle Dog Planter

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Doodle Dog Planter- plant not included.  We designed and created this unique planter from start to finish and are super excited about this cutie! Whether you have a Goldendoodle, Bernedoodle, Sheepadoodle, Labradoodle, Stbernadoodle, Aussiedoodle, Cavapoo and so on this concrete pup is a unique and fun decor piece for your home or office This also makes an awesome gift for your dog and plant loving friends and family! This cutie with a big ole bootie provides a 2” diameter spot to perfectly hold a 2” nursery pot. Overall Size 6" x 4" x 5” and weighs over 3lbs. The measurement of the hole is 2” in diameter. The ones are Painted tan without black nose or black eyes.

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